CHTA calls for better air connectivity to maintain Caribbean tourism

Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association (CHTA) president Nicola Madden-Greig urged regional stakeholders to boost air connectivity in the region this 2024.

“As tourism picks up, there is absolutely no room for complacency,” she warned.

He further called on industry officials to stay focused on maintaining the airlift that has returned since the pandemic and strengthening it in the future.

“This means connecting the region to its source markets, seeking new links to emerging destinations, and returning intraregional travel to its glory days when convenient schedules and affordable fares were the norm,” he said.

Reflecting on the past year, Madden-Greig said that despite the global slowdown in inbound tourism, the Caribbean has defied the odds with an impressive increase in visitors. “However, this achievement has not been equal across all destinations, as many still face challenges posed by air connectivity issues and rising costs.”

“As we set our sights on the horizon, it is paramount that we elevate Caribbean tourism beyond recovery and growth, literally propelling it into the stratosphere. Our vision is clear: learn from our successful innovations and recovery stories, implement best practices, and foster seamless collaboration with industry and government stakeholders. And together we can reach new heights and redefine the Caribbean tourism narrative,” he commented.

In addition to addressing the current challenges of air connectivity, Madden-Greig said, “We need to strengthen our resilience by implementing robust crisis preparedness strategies, ensuring the safety of both visitors and residents, while adopting sustainable practices to safeguard our pristine landscapes and promote responsible tourism.”

Preparing team members to deal with the new paradigm shift brought about by technological advances and consumer preferences is also vitally important for the region, and he explained that the region’s public and private sectors must empower local entrepreneurs to create pathways for generational wealth through expansion. of micro, small and medium-sized tourism enterprises.

“We have a heritage of creativity, innovation and resilience, and we must continue to write the Caribbean tourism success story, a narrative of prosperity, sustainability and inclusion,” he said.


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