Dirección General de Aduanas renovates its Data Center

The Directorate General of Customs (DGA) continues with the process of renovation and modernization of its system. This time it is a new Data Center, an initiative based on the vision of an efficient and centralized administration, in addition to promoting the development of an electronic government focused on the citizen in a sustainable and scalable manner over time.

The initiative is based on international standards of operations and maintenance, providing new applications for local and international customs logistics services.

The general director of Customs, Eduardo Sanz Lovatón, assured that economic growth and technological advances in the country have required government institutions to quickly adopt the insertion and operational vision of an electronic government, offering flexibility, transparency, efficiency and promptness, which benefits the Dominican State in reducing the time of its processes, reducing costs and complexities.

“With such an advanced infrastructure, the DGA can efficiently adapt to technological changes and offer customs services in a transparent, efficient and timely manner,” said the official.

About the Data Center

Among the features of the new Data Center are: reliability and continuity of service with 2 UPS of 80 kVA, to back up the equipment in the power and network systems, and capacity to withstand natural disasters, to ensure that it continues to operate continuously and reliably.

The design, based on international standards, ensures robust, high-speed connectivity, providing an objective validation of the reliability and quality of the Data Center.

For security and protection, this new Data Center has three levels of physical access, including biometric and proximity cards, as well as an intrusion alarm detection system, video surveillance monitoring and armored entrance doors, which provide security and protection for both the stored data and the equipment and people working in it.

It has advanced technology, such as intelligent fire detection and suppression systems, monitoring systems for temperature, humidity, liquid detection, smoke and vibration, features that demonstrate an innovative and cutting-edge approach.

Also, sustainable air-conditioning and lighting systems, which evidence social responsibility with environmental impact through energy efficiency.

The hyperconverged infrastructure for the DGA offers a number of significant advantages internally, as it allows customization of servers according to the specific needs of workloads and avoids over-provisioning, among other advantages.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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