Raquel Peña inaugurates technology center

The Vice President of the Republic, Raquel Peña, headed the inauguration of the 46th technological center of the National Institute of Technical Professional Training (Infotep), called “Ivelisse Prats Ramírez de Pérez”, built with funds from the Ciudad Juan Bosch VBC-DR Trust Fund and located in Santo Domingo East.

The center, which has 1,134 square meters of construction on a 9,338 square meter lot, was handed over to Infotep by the Ministry of the Presidency (Minpre), the institution that administers the trust. The new facilities consist of six buildings, two sheds for the operation of classrooms and technical training workshops.

The Minister of the Presidency, Joel Santos Echavarría, said that the inauguration of the modern center symbolizes the vision of continuity of State of the government of President Luis Abinader, by continuing to build priority works for the development of the residents of Ciudad Juan Bosch.

“The Infotep “Ivelisse Prats Ramírez de Pérez” technology center is a reality for this community, in which the Dominican State, through the Low Cost Housing Trust, under the responsibility of the Ministry of the Presidency, allocated 53.4 million pesos, so that today we can begin to enjoy the benefit of this technical training unit”, informed Santos Echavarría.

The general director:

Meanwhile, the general director of Infotep, Rafael Santos Badía, said that the inauguration of the 46th technological center of the institution, is already a beacon of technical and professional training for the entire municipality of Santo Domingo East and the surrounding municipal districts.

“This technology center is a milestone that will give even greater value to the training of qualified technicians demanded by industries and companies throughout Santo Domingo East and the country,” said Santos Badía.

The official emphasized that, with the technology center, Infotep went from having 8 centers in 2020 to 46 centers in 2024, a number that will increase in the coming INFOTEP 01months.

The activity was attended by several relatives of Mrs. Ivelisse Prats de Pérez represented by her granddaughter, Massiel Carolina Henríquez Guerrero, who highlighted her values and her conviction of the importance of training for people to obtain a good job, while thanking Infotep for the gesture of naming this important training center after her grandmother.

Also present were the governor of the province of Santo Domingo, Altagracia Drullard, and the mayor-elect of Santo Domingo East, Dio Astacio, among other personalities of the central government and officials and members of the Board of Directors of Infotep.

Vice President also headed the inauguration of a center in Santana, Peravia.

Prior to the inauguration of the Ivelisse Prats-Ramírez de Pérez Technological Center, Vice President Raquel Peña inaugurated in Santana, the first stage of the modern José Alberto Madé Technological Center, with capacity for 1,700 students, which will also specialize in transportation and logistics, in its second stage.

The center impacts, in addition to Santana, the municipality of Nizao and the municipal district of Pizarrete, which together have a demographic of more than 27,000 people, with a predominance of women.

Vice President Raquel Peña emphasized that technical and professional training is synonymous with improvement and growth because through it, skills are acquired for personal development and that of society as a whole. Therein lies the commitment of President Luis Abinader to continue expanding Infotep’s technological centers.

Peña said that with this José Alberto Madé Technology Center and another to be inaugurated, also this Friday, in Santo Domingo East, Infotep goes from the 8 centers that existed in 2020 to 46 today, so that young people and adults can develop their potential through the careers available.

About the center

The Ivelisse Prats Ramírez de Pérez Technology Center has five workshops and two classrooms for training. In addition, there is a space for hydroponics cultivation and another space for aquaculture production.

Participants will have at their disposal workshops on Residential and Commercial Electricity, Industrial Electricity, Information Technology, Wellness and Health, Refrigeration, and Personal Services.

The center will also have a wide range of offerings in the areas of Agriculture, Commerce and Services.

Ivelisse Prats Ramírez de Pérez

She was a Dominican teacher, educator and politician, recognized for being the first woman to assume the presidency of a political party in Latin America.

She was the president of the Dominican Revolutionary Party (PRD), of which she was also vice-president. She also held important positions such as member of the National Executive Committee of the PRD and of its Political Commission.

Mrs. Ivelisse Prats-Ramírez was a congresswoman for the National District, outstanding Minister of Education, as well as Director and Dean of the Faculty of Education of the Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo.

Technical data of the center

The center has 1,134 square meters of construction on a 9,338 square meters lot. It consists of six buildings and is part of the Eastern Regional Office.

This work has two sheds for the operation of classrooms and technical training workshops, an administrative building, restrooms, cafeteria, dining room, power plant and warehouse, parking area, among others.

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