Abinader and Collado inaugurate works in Ciudad Colonial

President Luis Abinader and the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, inaugurated the renovated Las Damas Street and the Santo Domingo Fortress Museum, as part of the works being carried out as part of the Integral Tourism and Urban Development Program of the Colonial City of Santo Domingo (PIDTUCCSD) or Colonial City Revitalization Program.

Of the twenty projects included in the program, the President and the Minister inaugurated Las Damas Street, from Plaza Pellerano Castro to Plaza Reloj de Sol, a 456 meter long road, which was completely renovated.

Among the interventions to the historic road, a new pavement was laid with concrete slabs, turning it into a single platform space between sidewalks and streets, to provide all users with a safe movement; the pipes of the drinking water network and the connections to both residences and businesses were replaced.

Sanitary drainage was also separated from storm drainage. The pavement was paved with tactile signs that will safely guide handicapped people and, due to the laying of paving stones, the Ciudad Colonial 01temperature on this street will be reduced by 33%.

As part of the Revitalization and Architectural Adaptation of Museums Project, the Museo Fortaleza de Santo Domingo, also known as Fortaleza Ozama, was inaugurated, where new and modern museum contents were added.

The intervention carried out in the museum serves to revalue the “glorious monument”, where three types of works were carried out.

The first one is the architectural habilitation of its infrastructure, where new energy generation and climatic adaptation systems were installed; secondly, the museographic project of the Tribute Tower, which highlights the role that this building has played in the different stages of the history of the RD.

The third is the immersive experience show, which integrates a set of audiovisual and technological resources, distributed in three scenarios that show the construction of the cultural, ethnic and landscape richness of the country, in an exaltation of the Dominican identity elements.

The new proposal that the Fortaleza de Santo Domingo will offer to the public will extend the opening hours of its museographic offer for visitors, with a great impact on the Colonial City.

The Revitalization and Architectural Adaptation of Museums Project aims to recover the four most emblematic museums of the Colonial City, which in addition to the Santo Domingo Fortress, are the Cathedral Museum, the Viceroyalty Palace Don Diego Colón or Alcazar de Colón Museum and the Royal Houses Museum.

Source: Arecoa.com

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