Asonahores celebrates increase in tourists by air and sea

The president of the Association of Hotels and Tourism (Asonahores), David Llibre, celebrated the growth registered by the RD last February 2024.

“We continue to celebrate the growth of tourist arrivals via air and cruise ships, whose presence strengthens the country’s economy and energizes the productive activities of the communities directly and indirectly related to tourism activity,” he said.

He emphasized that “the economic and social effect of these results do not remain in the airports, hotels, restaurants and carriers. These results are felt in thousands of small and medium-sized companies throughout the country. Let us remember that the last study on the impact of tourism on MSMEs registered 17 thousand productive Asonahores 01units of this category throughout the national territory whose activities are directly or indirectly linked to tourism”.

He said that the continuous effort to improve the quality and diversity of our product, and the initiatives to show our offer to the different markets, is what makes the figures and results grow, and also reflect the importance of the Marketing Committee in which the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) and the private actors work and define together strategies to maintain the rhythm of growth that produces economic flows that contribute to the applauded successes in the performance of the Dominican economy.

Finally, he emphasized that “Asonahores reiterates its commitment to continue working and to further strengthen the coordination and collaboration between the Government and the private sector in tourism. Let’s keep moving forward! This is what the country needs in these complex and difficult times”, according to Resumen Turismo.


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