Banco Popular congratulates the Tourism Cabinet

Martin de Oliva considers as ”extraordinary” the foreign investment climate prevailing in the country.

As the main bank financing tourism in the country, Banco Popular Dominicano congratulated the Cabinet of Tourism for the performance of the sector, receiving more than 5.3 million visitors in the first six months of the year, which, according to projections, guarantees that the goal of 10 million tourists will be reached.

Juan Manuel Martin de Oliva, vice president of Tourism Business at Banco Popular, affirmed that the Dominican Republic has surpassed the pre-pandemic numbers, moving towards consolidation.

“The Minister of Tourism says that the Dominican Republic is in fashion; I think it is much more than fashion, fashion passes and I am sure that the Dominican Republic will not pass. We have an extraordinary foreign investment climate, well above what we had in pre-pandemic years”, said the vice president of Tourism Business of Popular, when interviewed by Moises Gonzalez.

In this sense, the tourism businessman referred to the number of projects that the bank is evaluating for financing.

“The Dominican Republic has become an oasis in the geopolitical environment where we are, and here we are promoting any type of investment that will benefit the country and Dominicans. We are evaluating a tremendous amount of projects, about 14 projects, something never seen before. At the same time, we are seeing a boom in the growth of current investments, which are being reformed,” he said.

Juan Manuel Martin de Oliva affirmed that the Dominican Republic begins the second half of the year at a time when there is great enthusiasm that symbolizes the recovery of world tourism and finds the country with a growth in arrivals and a strengthened sector.

This week, when presenting the results of the behavior of tourism in the first half of this year, at a luncheon that had the honorary presence of the governor of the Central Bank, Héctor Valdez Albizu, Minister David Collado reported that in June alone the country received 707,283 tourists, which represents a growth of 21% more than in 2018, 20% more than in 2019 and 10% more than in 2022.

Dynamism in the Colonial City

Juan Manuel Martín de Oliva, Popular’s vice president of Tourism Business, praised the work being done by the Tourism Cabinet in the Colonial City and the launch of the new edition of “Turizoneando”, an initiative that seeks cultural activations taking place in the Colonial City, as part of the “Tourism in Every Corner” project.

“Exceptional work is being done in the Colonial City to make the First City of America known; we have a treasure here in our country and we must make it known, not only to foreign tourism, but to Dominicans themselves who can enjoy weekends or any day with all the attractions of this beautiful World Heritage Site.”


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