DR breaks tourist arrival record in first quarter of 2023

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, informed today that the Dominican Republic broke the record for tourist arrivals in the first quarter of this year with the visit of 2,076,171 people.

“With that figure we break even our own records, since we exceeded by 11% in 2019, 190% in 2021 and 21% in 2022,” said the Minister of Tourism in his now customary monthly press conference, where he informs the country about the behavior of the tourism sector.

He said that in the month of March the record of visits was also broken, with the arrival of 740,324 tourists by air, surpassing by 10 % the same month of 2019 and by 20 % last year.

He also reported that in March the country received 280,247 cruise passengers, a number that surpassed the same month last year when 134,070 arrived by sea.David Collado

“If we add the 740,324 tourists who arrived by air to the 280,247 cruise passengers, we are talking about 1,020,571 visitors in March alone, something never seen before in a single month,” Collado said.

He also pointed out that in the history of Dominican tourism, the country had never before received 2,882,698 visitors in the first quarter of the year.

“We are talking that from January to March of this year we received 2,076,171 tourists by air and 806,527 cruise passengers. This indicates that the Dominican Republic received the arrival of 2,882,698 visitors in the first quarter, something never seen before. This is why we are a reference in world tourism”, said Minister Collado.

He predicted that, at the end of the year, if no extraordinary event is registered, the country will receive 7.8 million tourists, which he described as another record figure in the tourism sector.

He said that the major countries of origin of tourists in March were the United States with 48.1%, Canada with 23.2%, Colombia with 2.9%, France with 2.6% and Germany with 2.5%.

Hotel occupancy, at a general level, exceeded 80% with an average of eight days.

Source: presidencia.gov.do

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