DR invests in promoting tourism abroad

The Dominican Republic depends on the travel and tourism industry, which, in addition to generating foreign exchange and jobs, contributed some 1.652 billion euros to the gross domestic product in the period January-March 2023.

The authorities of the sector estimate that this year could receive up to 10 million tourists and up to June, the arrival of visitors reached more than 5.35 million.

In this 2023 fiscal year, the advertising and promotion segment has an approved budget of DR$2,689.6 million, some 44 million euros, and less than 10% has been executed.

The DR’s tourism promotion activities have an allocated budget of DR$363.4 million, some 5.9 million euros, earmarked to encourage, foster and promote domestic tourism, and DR$1,541.4 million, some 25 million euros, are earmarked for international tourism promotion, which results in the participation of the Dominican Republic in tourism fairs, the establishment of cooperation agreements and participation in Dominican and international events.

For Minister Collado, ‘thanks to the promotion with intelligence and transparency that we are doing in this administration, we have transformed the way we promote the country internationally by approaching travel agencies and using social networks’.

Source: Expreso.info

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