IX annual meeting for the development of Samaná’s tourism industry held

With the slogan “Samaná, education and competitiveness in a destination”, the Samaná Tourism Cluster (CTS) and the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies of Samaná (AHETSA) held the IX Annual Meeting for the Tourism Development of Samaná at the Santa Barbará Hall, Puerto Bahía, Samaná.

Jesús Durán, president of CTS, pointed out that “our main objective as a Cluster is to promote the tourist development of the province of Samaná, so that the economic bonanza that the tourism industry usually generates in the areas where it is implanted, is, firstly, visualized by all its inhabitants and secondly, enjoyed by them so that this serves, fundamentally, to raise their standards of living and, with this, to spread progress and happiness”.

On his side, the president of AHETSA, Juan Bancalari, emphasized that “like Ricardo, Samaná is our home, it was also the home of my great-grandfather, my grandfather and in part, a period of my father’s life, but we understand that it can continue to develop and improve the quality of life of its inhabitants as has happened in the last decade, it is necessary that its educational level rises and that the preparation of its labor force is equal to that of competitors in the region”.

Enrique Darwin Caraballo, executive director of Acción Empresarial por la Educación (EDUCA), spoke about the state of education in the Dominican Republic and in the province of Samaná, as well as the opportunities for change.

Likewise, Ana María Landucci, Managing Partner Ackermann Colombia, highlighted that “From different shores, we face great challenges and realities that make it increasingly relevant that we join together (government entities, educational institutions, organizations, philanthropy, among others) for greater access to the development and retention of talent of higher quality”.

Similarly, Ricardo Montaner, singer-songwriter and president of the Montaner Foundation, presented the theme “Bayacú, education with purpose”, who stated that “Samaná is our home. We have many dream projects for this place. Among them a village and a boutique hotel. But today we particularly came to present what we believe is the most important thing for this place; education, and from there comes the development of years of study to create the Bayacú School. We hope we can do it among all those who want to join us”.

Also taking part in the meeting were Leonor Elmúdesi de Bancalari, general director of the Lux Mundi educational community; Alejandro Matas, director of the Bahia Príncipe Ecological Foundation, and Jovanny Rodríguez, academic vice-rector of the Open University for Adults (UAPA), who debated the topic “Education as a key factor for the competitiveness of a tourist destination”, moderated by Laura Caminero.

Source: Arecoa.com

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