Let’s keep moving forward to turn the DR into the first tourism power in the entire region

President Luis Abinader urged this Thursday to continue moving forward to make the DR not only the world class power, but the first tourism power in the entire region.

“When we see a hotel we see the development of its promoters, we see that they are going to create around 1.3, 1.4 direct jobs for each room, but we also see all those indirect jobs that are multiplied in the towns from the cab driver, the handicraft vendor, the farmer who produces for our tourists. It is a whole economic spillover that is produced and that is why we have such a high economic level in these provinces that are positively affected by tourism”, he said.

The head of state applauded the achievements in the tourism sector during a public statement. He praised the work of the Tourism Cabinet and the Ministry, stressing the importance of this collective success.
“A round of applause to the Tourism Cabinet with that extraordinary team that the ministry has and the entire Cabinet that have done a great job. Today we all feel very happy because this is an achievement not of the government, this is an achievement of all. “He said during the presentation of the Ministry of Tourism on the visits in the month of December.

Abinader expressed his joy and stressed that this achievement is not only of the government, but of the entire Dominican society. He highlighted the essential collaboration of the private sector and all social sectors to achieve these significant advances.

“No government can make these achievements, these advances, if we do not have the support of the entire private sector and all social sectors,” he said.

In his speech, the president recognized the key contribution of various actors in the tourism industry, from hoteliers and hotel employees to cab drivers and tour operators. He emphasized that each direct employee in the tourism industry drives three indirect jobs in different areas of the economy, highlighting the positive impact on employment and economic development in the country.
Abinader highlighted the importance of tourism as a fundamental factor for the Dominican economy, with a growing recognition and impact on the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). He expressed his conviction that tourism development contributes to the social and economic progress of the DR.

“Tourism is a fundamental factor of the Dominican economy that has an increasing recognition and impact on the GDP. Therefore, our support for tourism is because we are convinced that the development of tourism points and pushes towards the social and economic development of the DR,” he said.

The president mentioned projects and developments in various regions of the country, including Miches, Pedernales and the Colonial City of Santo Domingo. He pointed to investment in infrastructure and a commitment to sustainable development to boost tourism.

“In Miches we are and there is the Miches Development Association and they said we need an aqueduct, we need these careers, we need a specialized trauma hospital and we said yes, we are going to do it and already some of these works are done or are in the process of construction and we said yes, but they also have to start the construction of all those hotels and real estate developments and today Miches, we are going to demonstrate it at Fitur, is another great destination,” he detailed.

Abinader also announced plans to expand and theme the Colonial City, open new museums and build a Convention Center in Santo Domingo. He stressed the importance of the public-private alliance and highlighted the creation of projects that will strengthen various areas of the country.

As for specific projects, he mentioned the construction of an aqueduct in Miches, new roads to improve connectivity and the design of a Convention Center in the City of Santo Domingo.
The President concluded by expressing his optimism about the future of tourism in the DR and reiterated his commitment to continue supporting the growth and prosperity of the sector.

Source: Mitur.com

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