President of Cap Cana: “The oil of the DR is tourism”

The president of the board of directors of Cap Cana, Fernando Hazoury, considered that it will be through the tourism sector that the DR will go from being a developing country to a rich one, since according to him “the Dominican oil is tourism”.

He emphasized the unified work between the private and public sector “we are going to look at what happened in 2023, but unquestionably we all know that the growth has been great, that the organization has been very good and that the work of the private sector together with the official (government) has been very fruitful, we have to continue like this and much more”.

He reiterated that the way for the country to continue growing economically will be through tourism. “I have always said that the oil of the DR is tourism and I believe that there is still a lot to grow, we cannot be satisfied with what we have and not to be more ambitious than necessary and I believe that the country’s way out of being a country still in the process of development, with poverty, to become a rich country will be through tourism”.

He also stressed, during the presentation of the results of the month of December 2023 in the tourism sector, that the growth of the Cap Cana project as a destination, since its objective is to make a tourist city that has everything.

“Cap Cana is going excellently, it is at its best moment, it is a mature destination but it is still 20 years old, but it still needs 60 years to be an old man (he said jokingly), that is to say that we have a lot to develop”, he added according to the local press.


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