The amphitheater “The Legend Arena” at Dorado Park in Cap Cana

In a ceremony headed by the President of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader, the official opening of The Legend Arena amphitheater at Dorado Park in the Cap Cana Destination City took place, where the inaugural ribbon cutting ceremony of this modern event center of Roman inspiration and contemporary design, with an investment of US$30 million, was held.

The official ceremony on Friday, October 6, was attended by Tourism Minister David Collado, Dorado Park president Carlos Cobiella, the chairman of the board of ALTIO, an investment fund management company, Raúl Hoyo, and the chairman of the board of directors of Cap Cana, Fernando Hazoury, among other personalities from the country’s private and governmental sectors.

With facilities of the highest quality, The Legend Arena offers all the amenities and facilities for all types of multitudinous events.

The venue accommodates more than 3,000 people in shows and concerts, and some 9,000 in festivals and other types of multi-stage events without the need to install any external infrastructure.

Carlos Cobiella, president of Dorado Park, the venue that houses the spectacular amphitheater, said during his keynote speech that the construction of this amphitheater after embarking on it in 2021 faced several challenges such as the pandemic and then Hurricane Fiona, which generated many uncertainties in the supply chain and the variability of the costs of raw materials that made it very difficult to meet this schedule, and still managed to complete the amphitheater in less than two years.

“Undoubtedly, this has activated the interest of many international and national producers to produce in this amphitheater, which will also help to promote the entertainment offer of the area and diversify the current tourist profile”, he concluded, while highlighting the work of President Abinader, inviting him to soon participate in the inauguration of what will be the Dorado Park.

On his side, the president of the board of directors of Cap Cana, Fernando Hazoury, took the opportunity to congratulate President Abinader for his vision of macro tourism proposed in his government program in his 2020 elections recalling a meeting held in the same year where he explained the reason why this sector was so important, and the increase of the complementary offer was vital for tourism, specifically for the opening of new projects such as the one inaugurated this afternoon, betting on diversification.

“Real estate tourism is already the present and the real future of tourism in the Dominican Republic. This is what we saw and dreamed from day one in what would be and what, thank God, is now the Cap Cana Destination City in which there must be everything that exists in a first world city, always giving priority to sustainability and ecology,” concluded Haazoury.

Likewise, Raúl Hoyo, chairman of the board of ALTIO, an investment fund management company and partner in the project, said that Altio seeks to invest precisely in this type of project that positively impacts the country’s real economy and tourism.

“El Dorado Park is one of our most important assets and we are sure of its success as one of the best in Latin America,” he added.

The Minister of Tourism, David Collado, said that inaugurating this amphitheater with a concert with Elton John one of the greatest artists in the world is a demonstration of the confidence that the private sector has to continue investing in tourist attractions in the country “thanks to the stability of the government of Luis Abinader and the rescue we have made in the sector through the Tourism Cabinet”.

Finally, the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, added that he is sure that these facilities of The Legend Arena Amphitheater will be a great success.

“The important thing is that we can continue working together, where the government has the necessary resources to promote the development of the private sector, I know that we will continue to achieve this and we will reach great agreements”, he concluded.

The ceremony was attended by business allies, government personalities, friends and relatives, as well as the local press.

The evening concluded with the celebration of the “A Night with Elton John” concert, an exclusive event for 2,600 people featuring the multi-award winning artist.

The famed singer, who has entertained generations for so many years, retired from the stage after his last “Farewell” tour.


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