Tourism as a priority

With the launching last Thursday of the “DO Travel Rewards” platform, through which it sponsors an approach with travel agents and tourist issuers to the Dominican Republic, the Government ratifies the priority it assigns to this industry, so it does not skimp on resources or waste opportunities to support it.

“DO Travel Rewards” is a way, in the words of President Luis Abinader, to thank and reward with incentives and recognition to entrepreneurs in the tourism sector for their contribution to job creation, and to travel agents and tour operators for their loyalty and fidelity over the years.

For the President, the Government’s relationship with businessmen and tour operators is two-way: “We take care of your people, we take care of them in terms of security, we take care of them in terms of health, we take care of them in all aspects so that they enjoy their visits to the DR, where you recommend them to come”.

We are, with “DO Travel Rewards”, before an intelligent initiative, precisely at a time when we are moving strongly towards the fulfillment of the desired goal of 10 million tourists for this year, an amount that, as we enter the eighth month, is already seen as possible with five months left to 2023.

Positive news released this week, such as the fact that this month the province of Puerto Plata will receive in its tourist ports Amber Cove and Taino Bay the attractive amount of 27 cruise ships, will contribute to make this goal a reality.

Taking for granted the success of the new platform, the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, stressed that it is not the result of chance or improvisation, but is part of a strategy that involved more than 40 visits to major tourist sending cities.

In fact, as an expression of the importance that the Government assigns to tourism, more than 500 international travel agents from all over the American continent were invited to the presentation of “DO Travel Rewards”, who joyfully shared this proposal, which is an active example of integration of the public and private sectors.


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