Tourism development commission sworn in in Montecristi

The initiative seeks to add quality of life and progress to the destination.

President Luis Abinader swore in the members of the presidential municipal commission for the strategic tourist development of Montecristi headed by its director, Héctor Armando Rodríguez Rosario.

In this sense, the president said that “there are some projects that if they are given to us, which I do not want to mention here, that are related to the people, (Montecristi), will transform not even the Northwest Line, but the entire northern region.

The governor also highlighted the immense potential of the work for the development of tourism and agriculture, due to its proximity to the seaport of the area, “this work is of utmost importance … if we leave the Duarte highway and enter through Guayubín, and take this road from Guayubín to Copey, we save about 40 minutes in travel time to the Port of Manzanillo”,

“We will continue to work, we will continue to look for the chelitos to execute them in a transparent, correct way and where we really add quality of life and development to the Dominican Republic”, he added.

He expressed that he feels he is a Montecristeño, since his family came to the country through this municipality, and congratulated the creation of the commission, which will work for the promotion of the province.

On his side, Rodriguez Rosario highlighted the important energy and tourism investment that President Abinader is attracting to Montecristi.

Later, President Abinader swore in the commission composed of Mayor Jesús Jerez, Massiel Lemcker, Oscar Rodríguez, Elena Souffront, Cesarion Morel Talón, Sixta García, Evelio Cabrera, Eduardo Castellano, Neris de Rodríguez, Freddy Batista, José Melgarejo, Tabare Peña, Inocencio Peña, Francisca Pérez, Carlos Rodríguez, Father Jimmy, Nelfa Carrasco, Juan Guillermo, Iván Peña, Seneida Sigollen, Iván Fernández, Héctor Rodríguez Pimentel (Father) and Guillermo Estrella.

Present at the head table were Mayor Jesus Jerez, Senator Moreno Arias, Governor Nelsy Cruz and businessman Jose Melgarejo.


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