Tourism law modification requested for Mitur to manage Las Ruinas de La Vega Vieja

Jorge Domingo Toribio, professor of the Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña (Unphu), proposed to the Chamber of Deputies the modification of the Protected Areas Law No.202-04 and that the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur) administers the Ruins of La Vega Vieja.

He considered that although the Ministry of Culture has among its objectives the protection of the Cultural Heritage of the nation, it is not less certain that the Vegans need the ruins to be a tourist attraction, not only for the national visitors, but also for the foreigners who come to the country from different areas.

Toribio criticized that on several occasions proposals have been presented to past presidents of the Republic and to congressmen, with the purpose of modifying this law and that Mitur assumes the administration and development of La Vega Vieja, however “the first to oppose is the Ministry of Culture”, which he considers an absurdity, according to a press release.

In this sense, he assured that “all the political, social and cultural sectors of the country know about the situation, including the Minister of Culture, Milagros German that this institution does not have the economic resources to make the necessary investments and develop infrastructures to promote the Ruins of La Vega Vieja as a tourist attraction”.

He said he is aware that the Minister of Tourism, David Collado, is willing to make large investments in the Path of Faith, which includes La Vega Vieja, but the alleged opposition of the cultural entity to accept that Mitur administers, has the heritage “abandoned, being destroyed, only by stubbornness of officials”.
For this reason, the professor hopes that at least one congressman from La Vega will have the initiative to submit the modification of this law so that this demarcation will have all the possibilities to develop religious and cultural tourism.


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