Tourism sector and U.S. embassy to strengthen security in DR poles

The Ministry of Tourism (Mitur), the Association of Hotels and Tourism (Asonahores) and the Tourist Police (Politur), signed an agreement with the US Embassy in the Dominican Republic to reinforce security in the country’s tourist areas.

The agreement was signed by the Minister of Tourism, David Collado; the consul general of the United States in the country, Greg Segas; the director of the Tourist Police, Minoru Matsunaga and the president of Asonahores, David Llibre, in the presence of the main actors of the sector.

The cooperation alliance between the different institutions is aimed at guaranteeing the safety of the thousands of US citizens who visit the Dominican Republic as a tourist destination every year.

The agreement contemplates the creation of a protocol for the management of possible events involving U.S. citizens, as well as the timely exchange of information between the different parties on U.S. tourists in the country.

It also includes the training of hotel personnel, as well as security personnel to prevent and handle situations that may arise within the tourism sector.

In this sense, and after assuring that the Dominican Republic is a truly safe country, Collado expressed that in his administration no effort is spared to guarantee the greatest security for tourists visiting the country.

“The safety of tourists is and will continue to be a priority for us. That is why we are here signing this cooperation agreement to continue taking concrete actions to ensure the peace of mind and enjoyment of those who do not visit,” he said.

Consul Segas highlighted the importance of the agreement, since every year more than 4 million Americans visit the Dominican Republic.

“The signing of the memorandum will facilitate better communication and effective collaboration between all of us, we are trusted partners and friends, and given the scope of our collaboration, there is no other bilateral relationship in the Caribbean as broad, complex and rich in content as the one between our two countries,” he said.

He stated that the memorandum formalizes the program that began with the training of hotel staff that offers tools to those who are the first point of contact for tourists who go through a crisis, from the loss of their passport, being arrested or suffering a life-threatening accident.

“Our responsibility in each country is to ensure the safety of Americans. Mitur, Asonahores and Politur continue to be allies in keeping our citizens safe,” Segas said.


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