Cabo Rojo: airport to begin construction in March and first hotel to open in 2024

Sigmund Freund, director of the DGAPP, announced that the first kick-off of the Cabo Rojo International Airport, located in Oviedo, will take place the first week of March 2024 and that “with this we will be closing the necessary circle for the tourism development of this region.

In addition, he highlighted the progress made in the works being executed in Cabo Rojo, as in the case of the first three hotels to be built, since they are well underway.

He explained that it is projected that before the end of the year the first hotel, to be operated by the Spanish capital hotel chain Iberostar, will be partially opened, and the other two hotels will begin in the first half of 2025.

Regarding the access roads and the Pedernales-Enriquillo highway, Freund assured that some sections are already asphalted and that they are working according to the schedule to be ready as soon as possible.


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