Dominican Republic implements digital form for entering and leaving the country

As of September 1, the Civil Aviation Board (JAC) of the Dominican Republic began the implementation of the Digital Entry and Exit Form, which seeks to streamline the process of obtaining data at all airports in the country, according to a communication from the agency.

The president of the Civil Aviation Board, José E. Marte Piantini, reminded air transport users that the digital completion of the single form is mandatory for all passengers entering and leaving the country. This form is available on the web portal of the General Directorate of Migration, and is free of charge. It replaces the physical forms and can be completed in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and German. It includes a section for the General Directorate of Customs and another for the Ministry of Public Health.

Domestic and foreign airlines must strictly comply with the implementation of the form. The JAC, through Resolution 178-2021, obliges airlines to urge their passengers to fill out the form.

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