DR held another successful Roadshow for travel agents and Tour Operators from Argentina

In an event full of enthusiasm and commitment, the Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic has successfully carried out its Roadshow in Argentina, consolidating itself as an important milestone to strengthen the connection between both countries in the field of tourism. The event counted with the outstanding presence and active participation of the Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, David Collado, who visited Argentina for the second time this year to meet with travel agents, tour operators and the tourism press.

During the meeting, Minister Collado shared encouraging data and statistics on the current state and future prospects of tourism in the Dominican Republic. In the Minister’s words: “The Dominican Republic has prepared for the recovery of tourism. We have recovered our beaches and our coastline. We are attentive to tourists on a daily basis, and our portfolio and hotel portfolio continue to grow with extremely strong international brands such as the Ritz-Carlton and all-inclusive hotels such as the W Hotel.

Collado also highlighted the Dominican Republic’s sustained growth in the tourism sector, noting that the country is on track to experience the best year in its tourism history, projecting to reach an impressive 10 million visitors, with 8 million via air and 2.4 million via cruise ships.

The minister also highlighted the importance of Argentina as an extremely strong market for the Dominican Republic. In the past, before the pandemic, approximately 189,000 Argentines arrived. Despite the challenges, 77,000 visitors were already registered in 2022, and the expectation is to reach 99,000 in 2023. To strengthen this market, work is being done to ensure air connectivity, highlighting the new Dominican airline “Arayet” that is flying to Argentina.

Collado shared the secret of success in the recovery of Dominican tourism, mentioning two key elements: the unification of politicians, businessmen and the public sector, and the constant approach to travel agents and the tourism press. In his speech, the Minister said: “This is an achievement of the whole country. Politicians, businessmen and the public sector have unified, and this has been the key to success”.

The Minister highlighted his personal dedication in traveling the world in the last three years, holding 54 Roadshows in 36 countries. This direct approach to travel agents and the travel press has been fundamental in understanding their opinions and needs, contributing significantly to the recovery of tourism in the Dominican Republic.

In addressing the post-COVID situation, Collado noted that the Dominican Republic has experienced significant growth. Despite adversities, the country achieved its best four-month period ever in the last stretch of 2021 and its best year ever in 2022. Furthermore, projections for 2023 are equally promising, with flight bookings through April demonstrating continued interest in the destination.

The minister ended his presentation by inviting all those who have not yet visited the Dominican Republic to get to know “a paradise in the Caribbean, a country of good and hardworking people who have worked with much love in the recovery of tourism.” He emphasized the commitment to the safety of tourists, highlighting the improvements in lighting, police security on beaches and the creation of local entrepreneurs.

Collado took the opportunity to convey a direct message to Argentines: “We love Argentines, we love meat and sweets. The Dominican Republic is in fashion, and we invite you to enjoy this destination that has been prepared with love and dedication to welcome you”.

Source: Mitur.com


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