Jet Blue normalizes flights at AILA

After three days of protests by passengers, due to flight cancellations and delays by Jet Blue Airlines, calm returned this Friday, after the airline’s operations returned to normal.

Reports from the counters of the North American airline indicate that the increase in the number of pilots, co-pilots, flight engineers and stewardesses has allowed the situation to return to normal this Friday and passengers to leave for their respective destinations.

Since the early hours of the morning, hundreds of passengers, showing joyful faces, lined up and checked in normally, most of them with reservations to New York and Orlando, Florida, respectively, and other destinations in the United States.

“Finally, thank God, we can now leave after so many calamities we went through at that airport,” many of the travelers were heard saying, some of whom explained that they had been stranded at the Las Americas terminal for three days.

It was said that the lack of crew members was what caused the U.S. airline Jet Blue to cancel several of its flights and others left with up to eight hours of delays, a large percentage of them to New York City.

During the three days of flight delays, there were angry protests by travelers, causing the intervention of members of the Tourist Police (Politur), as well as uniformed agents who provide services at the Las Americas Airport.

According to reports, in order to solve the shortage of crew members and the situation of thousands of passengers stranded at Las Americas airport, Jet Blue’s general management decided to take personnel assigned to other international routes and send them to the Dominican Republic.
“We hope not to go through this bitterness we suffered at the airport again, without us being to blame for Jet Blue’s problems”, expressed some travelers, while they were being checked by personnel of the American airline.



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