Thales Aerospace to contribute to securing DR airspace

The Dominican Civil Aviation Institute (IDAC) has undertaken a significant upgrade of its air traffic control (ATC) capabilities by awarding Thales a contract to install two new radar systems at Cibao International Airport.

The contract marks the continuation of a long-standing partnership that began more than thirty years ago with the delivery of the first Thales radar to the country.
The main objective of integrating the STAR NG and RSM NG radar systems is to improve the efficiency and safety of air traffic management (ATM) in the RD.

Thales describes the radars as endowed with high levels of detection performance, reliability and cybersecurity, vital attributes for IDAC’s surveillance needs.

Thales 01The systems are designed to support air traffic controllers by providing complete and accurate data on aircraft positions, contributing significantly to flight safety and punctuality.

According to Thales, the RSM NG radar, in particular, stands out as a state-of-the-art secondary radar, or “meta-sensor,” that ensures data quality, integrity and availability. It achieves this by fusing ADS-B and radar (Mode S) data for more efficient trajectory initialization and is capable of tracking up to 2,000 flight paths while sharing data with multiple air traffic control centers simultaneously.

“We are very pleased to strengthen our collaboration with the IDAC and contribute to securing the airspace. The IDAC will benefit from the similarities in the current installed base and the new radars, including training, common components and maintenance contributing to the optimization of the equipment life cycle,” said Lionel De Castellane, VP Civil Radars Segment at Thales.

The new facility seeks to expand IDAC’s air traffic control capacity and improve airspace coverage in the region by leveraging Thales’ latest radar technologies: the STAR NG (Primary Surveillance Radar) and the RSM NG (Secondary Surveillance Radar), which will be co-assembled on site.


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