SOS Carbon expands sargassum collection on DR beaches

The company SOS Carbon reported that with the new boat UnionSos-01 increased the collection capacity by 150,000 pounds of sargassum per day, thanks to the donation of the German Embassy in the RD.

“Thanks to this donation from the German Embassy in the DR, we have increased our capacity to mitigate sargassum at sea as well as generate jobs for our community,” said SOS Carbon.

Sargazo RDUnder the leadership of Ambassador Maike Friendrichsen, together with the president of Anamar, Jimmy García and the Armed Forces of the RD, they left the inauguration and ready to face the challenges of climate change.

In this sense, SOS Carbon emphasized that the work in union with all the actors and global leaders demonstrates the renewed commitment with the preservation of marine resources, the protection of biodiversity, the socioeconomic development, the promotion of sustainable tourism and the generative industry, according to RCN.


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