Ministers of Education define equity in secondary education

Ministers of Education of the Andrés Bello Convention, CAB- REMECAB, met this Thursday in a blended learning format to define equivalencies in the level of Technical High School Education (EMT) for students of this modality in a mobility situation in CAB countries, as well as Adult Education and the need to establish equivalencies in blended or semi-classroom education modalities in CAB member countries.

For the first time in more than 50 years, the organization held the regular meeting of CAB- REMECAB Ministers of Education in a blended learning format. Ministers from member countries such as Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Cuba, Spain, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru and Dominican Republic participated both virtually and in person.

Public Prosecutor’s Office deplores delaying tactics of the defense in the Falcón Case
Public Prosecutor’s Office deplores delaying tactics of the defense in the Falcón case.
Roberto Fúlcar, Minister of Education of the Dominican Republic, serves as the current president of REMECAB.

The countries agreed to strengthen the Educational Integration Strategy that the organization has designed, through the creation and implementation of a follow-up mechanism for the application of common frameworks of quality criteria, which represents a step forward so that all educational systems of the countries can have tools that allow them to improve the quality of education in essential aspects such as curriculum, teacher training, and educational resources, whether digital or physical.

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