New Executive Committee presents Acroarte Studio

The elected Executive Committee of Acroarte (2021-2023), chaired by journalist Emelyn Baldera, presents the Acroarte Studio program, with the intention of generating a 360º dynamic with the new voices of the chronicle of art in the Dominican Republic.

Baldera explained that with this initiative, the students of communication, journalism, film, advertising, who have already created their own spaces to narrate, from digital platforms or streaming, different angles of national art, will be able to participate for a year in “spaces of dialogue, consensus and interaction”, sponsored by Acroarte.

The president-elect explained that during the 2021-2023 period, 10 young people will participate each year to show their innovations in the art chronicle, which according to an investigation developed by the 2021-2023 Executive Committee, have become a renovating expression of the national art chronicle, and therefore should be integrated into the broad and inclusive look that Acroarte has generated for more than three decades.

The program is composed of Acroarte Studio Residente, Acroarte Studio Capacita and Acroarte Studio Mentoría, which will allow a constant interaction with the chronicle of art and entertainment in the country.

“With Acroarte Studio Residente the participating students will be able to interact and have a constant exchange with the media ecosystem of the entity and its programs. They will be able to innovate in the areas of social networks, streaming platforms, digital repositories, public relations and protocol,” said the newly elected president of Acroarte.

Similarly, Acroarte Studio Capacita will give a place of prominence in the courses and training that will allow these young people to increase their skills for the chronicle of art and entertainment. Meanwhile, with Acroarte Studio Mentoring they will be able to have mentoring from show business and arts chroniclers, as well as artists of their interest to continue innovating in their platforms.

“This project is the continuity of the work we started in 2017 with Acroarte Capacita, a program with which we impacted more than 400 people mostly young people. We have always believed that Acroarte must continue to contribute to the training of new professionals in the different areas we impact and that is why we are now expanding those possibilities much more.”

To participate in Acroarte Studio, which will open its applications from now until August 20, please send an updated resume and professional resume to [email protected], proof that you are studying one of the following degrees: social communication, journalism, public relations, film, advertising, audiovisual communication, corporate communication; motivation letter and portfolio of innovative work that develops articulated with the chronicle of art and entertainment.

Also, a letter of recommendation from a communications professional/letter from a professor of the degree program you are studying and a video of why you need to be part of the program.

Consult Acroarte’s social networks to learn more about the benefits of this program that will be carried out by the recently elected Executive Committee 2021-2023.

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