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The avocadoDescription, nutritional benefits and cosmetic virtues of the avocado

Fruit of the avocado tree, which is part of the Laurel and cinnamon tree family, the avocado comes from

Central America, more precisely from Mexico, where it was already consumed by the Aztecs and the Mayas, 8000 years ago.

Profuse in Dominican Republic, it is often criticized because of it fat fullness. However, it perfectly suits to high energetic needs persons like sportsmen or children in growth period.

With 138 calories for 100g, the avocado distinguish itself by an amount of high unsaturated fat, which are favorable to the right functioning of cardiovascular apparatus and to the blood circulation in organism.

In spite of the fact that the avocado is ranked among the most lipids rich fruits, they are in a great part lineoleic acid, which helps notably to reduce the amount of bad cholesterol in blood..

The avocado represents a great source of magnesium, and above all of potassium (550 mg for 100g), beneficial for arterial tension. The phosphor, the iron, the copper and the zinc as well make this fruit a source of minerals and trace elements.

The richness of the avocado in vitamins permits it to cover a big part of recommended daily amount.

WomanSkin careWe count, between others, vitamin C ( 11 mg for 100g), vitamin B, and mostly the E, that offers antioxidant properties which permits to struggle ageing.

Note that the avocado is often utilized in the fabrication of cosmetics products, because of the regenerators effects on scalp, skin, or hair.

The avocado oil, for example, is a veritable natural care for skin and hair.

Obtained by first cold pressure, it conserves all its nutritive quality. This oil is naturally rich in unsaponifiable, that stimulates the collagen and elastin synthesis, which alteration is responsible of the skin ageing.

Utilized all year, after shower or bath, in massage on face of body, this marvelous oil is a great beauty treatment, it nourishes and gives elasticity and softness to skin.

The avocado oil, contributes to the prevention of lines and stretch marks, and is recommended for babies’ dry skin.

Very efficient on dry, breaking hair and as well on weakened hair by sun, sea water, or pool water, it repairs all giving it tonus, shine and vitality.


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