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All about pineapple
Description, nutritional benefits and cosmetic virtues of the pineapple

The pineapple is cultivated in the tropical regions, and is 1,2 meters high on average.

It was consumed a long time ago by the Native South Americans; the Europeans discovered this fruit at the same time as the New World.

Delicious and refreshing, the pineapple is above all a great source of vitamins:

– The vitamin C : 18 mg / 100 g on average. It doesn’t vary much, because it is protected from the oxidation by the fruit thick skin and by the middle acidity.

– The pro-vitamin A can vary : more the pineapple pulp is colored, more vitamin A it contains.

– The vitamin E joins the vitamin C and has an antioxidant role.

The energetic amount of the pineapple is moderated and corresponds to the fruits average.

The pineappleBesides, the pineapple is rich in fibers, beneficial for digestion.
In the pineapple, if sugars are more profuse in the external part, fibers are more concentrated in the internal part.

The minerals amount of the pineapple is moderated (approximately 300 mg/100 g), but very diversified : potassium, sodium, manganese, phosphor…

Finally, the pineapple contains an original enzyme, the bromelina, which facilitates the proteins digestion.
Much physicists and chiropractors ensure that the bromelina contained in the pineapple is helpful to decrease the tendinitis, the painful muscles, the tissues inflammations caused by sport.

Slimming actions were attributed to this enzyme which was supposed to burn fats…

But proteolytic enzymes as the bromelina digest proteins, but not fats.
They are excellent agents to split the meats and starch protein molecules of starchy foods which fermentation activates digestive problems as gases, bloating, and stomach heaviness.

It also helps to reduce the stomach burn that is the result for bad eating habits such as eating too fast and to chew too little.

We believe that the pineapple can act on warts and corns: by taking every day a piece of fresh pineapple and rubbing it one minute on the wart, and by attaching a piece of bark, internal face, on the corn and letting it act all night long.

It is also said that the pineapple has cosmetic virtues, decreasing acne problems by applying it on the face and decreasing the skin fat.



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