V Magazine Unveils Beauty Of Plump Women

One size fits all and Curves ahead

Beauty is a very abstract and subjective notion : everyone creates its own definition of what is beautiful. But this notion is largely influenced by society: during past centuries, in Europe, white skin was an incontrovertible beauty criterion, while today sunny skin is considered better looking.

One Size Fits All 02

It’s also the same with slim criterion : plump women were models of beauty during 18 and 19 centuries, and are today yet in some countries, while slimness is actually a major physical characteristic for our top models.

V Magazine goes besides these ideas and offers us two series of pictures, called One size fits all and Curves ahead, which emphasizes beauty of plump women, their freshness, their vitality.

A good initiative in a society where slimness is always put as an objective to reach to be liked or look nice. Because we often forget one of the main characteristics of beauty: it’s subjective and shouldn’t be submitted to arbitrary criterion imposed by our society.

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