Institut Arnaud Caviar Line

A luxury care to accessible prices !

Institut Arnaud developed lately a caviar care line that points out the one of Caviar Luxe La Prairie.

Symbol of luxury par excellence, the Pearl & Caviar range is made up of 5 precious care products that combine the regenerating power of caviar proteins with the anti-ageing power of an extract of fine pearl.

Arnaud Caviar Line Arnaud Caviar Line 2

Caviar is rich in nutritious materials called Vitellin, needed to build, develop and renew vital skin tissue structures.

Fine Pearl bring mother-of-pearl, an inimitable source of minerals of sea origin combined with essential amino acids with anti-ageing and moisturizing properties.

The line includes a day cream Premium Globale Day that moisturizes, nourish and protect the skin. Thanks to the caviar extract, this cream provides strength and vitality while effectively combating the signs of skin ageing.
Thanks to light sensors, the caviar product acts like genuine radiance booster.

For a care around the eyes, the roll-on contains a gel with lifting effect and that is very good for tired eyes:the depth and volume of wrinkles are filled in.
Then, comes the night luxury concentrate that takes care of your skin while you are sleeping.
It contains an enzymatic peeling that acts like a genuine complexion restorer ingredient and a nourishing and alleviating concentrate.
On waking, your skin released of all its impurities is smoothed, radiant and illuminated.

And of course the phials to make your skin shining from the interior; A cell longevity activator and a powerful anti -aging property boost cell renewal and revive their metabolic activities so the skin is immediately stimulated and revitalized deep-down.

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