José Nova proposes conciliatory candidacy for Acroarte’s presidency

Journalist and university professor José Nova announced today his decision to participate as a candidate for the presidency of the Association of Art Critics (Acroarte), in favor of the reunification of the entire membership and the necessary reforms that will lead to a greater strengthening of the guild and Premios Soberano.

“In view of the proximity of the elections to elect the new Executive Committee, working for the collective welfare, reuniting the entire membership and promoting a greater strengthening of Acroarte and the award with profound reforms, is what moves me to present my candidacy for the presidency of Acroarte for the period 2021-2023,” said the editor of Arte & Espectáculos of the newspaper El Caribe.

In that sense, Nova made a call to all the bases to materialize a “GREAT PACT FOR ACROARTE”, which allows to defeat the egos, and make that entity a more harmonious, inclusive space with broader participation in favor of the collective welfare.

“While it is true that the COVID-19 pandemic has considerably impacted the dynamism of institutions worldwide, I believe, without fear of being wrong, that the biggest challenge facing the Association of Art Chroniclers (Acroarte) for quite some time has to do, especially, with the deterioration of good relations that have prevented the unity of its entire membership to work together for the necessary transformations demanded by the times,” said the professor of the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra.

He noted that the last electoral processes have spread uneasiness among acroartists, and that these confrontations affect the image of this institution that presents the Soberano Awards every year.

“So it becomes necessary and urgent a conciliatory way out among ALL for the welfare of the guild. Acroarte needs a long period of peace and unity,” proposed Nova.

He affirmed that acroartistas of all generations and currents have indicated him with the potential to be the ideal consensus candidate to unify and consolidate the prestige of the institution. “So I hope for the support of each one of you to achieve these objectives, and thus continue the tenacious and positive work as a big family,” he said.

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