Pedernales expects to receive around 500 thousand tourists by 2025

The tourist destination of Pedernales could receive up to 500,000 tourists by 2025, informed Sigmund Freund, general director of Public-Private Alliances.

By 2026, one to one and a half million tourists are expected, “we are talking about 100 to 150 dollars per person… a figure that has never been seen in this region”, added Freund in the program Matinal, which is broadcasted on Channel 5.

The cruise ship Norwegian Pearl, of the Norwegian Cruise Line, opened early Thursday the new Port of Cabo Rojo, in Pedernales, which was inaugurated by President Luis Abinader.

The ship docked at the port after 9:00 a.m., being the first to do so in the terminal that will be the hub of this tourist center.

It is a vessel with a length of 294 meters long and 30 meters wide, with capacity for 2,394 passengers and 1,072 crew members.

The imposing vessel weighs 93,530 tons and was built in 2006 and refitted in 2021, according to the technical date published by the company on its website.

Arrival of the second cruise ship

Freud expressed that the second cruise ship could arrive at the port of Cabo Rojo within 15 days, two cruise ships per month can be expected in the first stage, while for the high season of 2024, 4 cruise ships per month can be expected.

Master tourism plan for Pedernales

The port of Cabo Rojo, in Pedernales, is one of the elements of the “master plan” that the Dominican government has been working on for three years with very important architectural and engineering firms, which requires planning and the necessary level of infrastructure, said port, which has a private investment of 98 million dollars.

The official explained that in addition to the port, the “master plan” of Pedernales contemplates the connection of an aqueduct built during this administration, streets for the entrance and exit of tourists, an electrical aspect that did not exist, a pluvial system and a hydro-sanitary system.

He added that together with the Ministry of Tourism, they have developed a guide with four main tours to Bahía de las águilas, the Cabo Rojo beach, the town of Pedernales and the visit to the nursery to multiply the endemic species.

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