DC Comics’ Wink to the DR for Hispanic Heritage Month

With the Dominican flag in the background and highlighting some signs in Spanish with Creole dishes, DC Comics will highlight the Dominican Republic on its covers, on the occasion of the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month in September. In the images that were shared on the producers’ official Instagram account, several superheroes are seen carrying Latin objects.

One of the images highlights the influence of Jorge González Camaren, Mexican painter, sculptor and muralist.

“In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we will feature seven variant covers along with new stories throughout September.”

According to international reviews, this is DC Universe’s first look at what’s in store for September and the end of summer with the full release.

And from Dark Crisis #4 promising a new Multiverse and new revelations about the nature of the Batman crossover pitting Robin against Robin in a conflict that may drive a wedge between the Dynamic Duo, DC is gearing up for an action-packed fall.

On Batman and Robin, DC will also introduce a new Superman sidekick, known as ‘Boy Thunder,’ in World’s Finest #7 with a story that promises to reveal the secrets of Superman’s long-lost crime-fighting partner.

Meanwhile, another new version of Batman takes center stage as the comic book adaptation of Batman: The Audio Adventures continues in September. And Batman: Knightfall will feature a Bat-centric social media network as a new tool in the Bat-family’s arsenal.

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