“Vámonos Flamenca”, first international flamenco camp in the Dominican Republic

disciplines of this art. In an environment completely different from the usual and away from their daily lives, in this case Las Terrenas, Samana, with a common purpose: to enjoy the culture, customs and traditions of flamenco and facilitate the understanding of this heritage in a place where there are many fans, but little direct training. The classes taught were very varied: understanding the singing and guitar with the master Julio Cortés, in charge of the dancer and teacher Sandra Cisneros, who came directly from Spain to teach technique, zapateado, improvisation, choreography and innovated with a very complete class where the sea water helped to internalize and connect with sensations that you should then take to the dance.

Passion for flamenco is the motto of this dance event that has managed to bring the most flamenco part of Spain and its culture to our beautiful island thanks to the support of entities such as the Spanish Cultural Center, the Costa las Ballenas Hotel, Atlántica Tarimas, Beluga Restaurant and photography by Kike Saavedra and José Miguel Sosa.

“Likewise, it fills us with pride to comment that this is not our first edition of “Vámonos Flamenca”, since in 2019 we did the first one, this time in Seville, interested people from the Dominican Republic and from the Canary Islands traveled there to live this experience. In addition to the classes they visited emblematic places, gastronomy, flamenco tablaos and stores, in an environment surrounded by culture and duende. This time the vision was for the flamenco duende to fly to the Dominican Republic, making it possible to enjoy it in the paradisiacal environment offered by one of the main areas of native and authentic tourism in our country, surrounded by palm trees and beautiful beaches,” explains its creator Patricia Abreu Albiac.

Patricia’s goal is to continue with “Vámonos Flamenca” annually, so that more people can benefit from what they will continue to offer year after year.

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