Dominican climbers visit embassy in Moscow after historic Russian Caucasus climb

The project, directed by the director of Donaire Flamenco, Patricia Abreu Albiac, consisted of offering flamenco lovers and dancers the opportunity to enjoy five hours of master classes per day for 6 days, led by professional masters of the different disciplines, after having conquered the summit of Mount Elbrus, located in the Republic of Kabardia-Balkaria, located in the Caucasus mountain range, south of the Russian Federation, the Dominican climbers Thais Herrera and Kenji Kasahara took the opportunity to attend the invitation, made by the Dominican Ambassador, Hans Dannenberg Castellanos, to visit the embassy headquarters in the city of Moscow.

The athletes were received by diplomatic officials of the Dominican Mission in Russia with whom they shared the details of their feat.

The climbers said that the achievement of this goal represents a starting point for other Dominican athletes to visit Russia, thus promoting the exchange of sports and adventure tourism between the two countries. The Dominicans expressed that they felt warmly received by their Russian counterparts and all the accompanying team that supported them during a climb in which they reported to have faced strong winds, snow and high temperatures.

Last Saturday, September 4, Thais Herrera and Kenji Kasahara became the first Dominicans to conquer the 5,642 meters of Mount Elbrus, planting the Dominican flag on its summit and opening the doors to Dominican mountaineering in the Russian Federation.

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