Paris In Your Livingroom

Paristic invites Paris in your living-room

You dream with a vista on Paris ? The paristic stickers are made for you !

The surprising slogan, I love rien. I’m parisien they created it. Emmanuel Desormeaux and Jérémie Scart aren’t the first one to distinguish themselves in the abounding universe of the decorative stickers;

On the other hand, they are the only one that made of Paris their muse.

Who never dreamed to let in his living-room the ver

y elegant colonne Morris or to enjoy a panoramic vista on Montmartre ? Thanks to these extensible mat vinyl decorations, nothing is simpler.

Baroques guardrails, Guimard subway entrance, suspended streetlight, merry-go-ground… a far-reaching offer. The stickers most plebiscite product is still the Sur les toits (on the roofs) model, which declines itself in a 13 colours line.
The Tour Eiffel at home… would you like that ?

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