Rock Cushions

By Ronel Jordaan

It seems that the design is more and more inspired by the rocks !
After the Possible Furniture, the Pebble Rug and the Livingstones Pillows, it’s the designer Ronel Jordaan, from Johannesburg, who offers us its nice creations : the Rock Cushions.

These cushions, made from natural wool at 100%, take the shapes of a giant rock or of a pile of small pebbles, and are declined too in a wonderful carpet.
So, even if the concept is not new, we can’t deny that the reproduction work is great, and leads to an undeniable realism as well as a surprising comfort.

It brings tranquility, calmness and natural to the decoration. These creations by Ronel Jordaan will seduce the supporters of a serene ambiance.

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