Crystalline magic in Salcedo rivers

To get there is an unforgettable adventure. However, the journey from the also mountainous community of Monte Llano, in the municipality of Salcedo, Hermanas Mirabal province, is a pleasant experience, and which, even if one has crossed it to get to Rio Partido, is something that for its beauty seems to us a magic to discover every day.

Its people, its cobblestone streets with the flavor of a Macondian oblivion, its small houses, many of them still made of palm boards, roofed with zinc, some of them on centenary pylons of “Juan Primero” or oak; with very bright colors, predominantly yellow and red, give the country air of the area, a harmonic ritual that in no way makes common cause with the urban streets and mansions of “the cities”.

Until finally!! you reach the path where and for about 35 minutes descending by mule or on foot, the visitor only hears during his trip down, the endless squeaking of the limestone, the languid sounds of the palm trees, or the gentle breeze of the mountains whose virginity of its many attractions, make them silent accomplices that puts us in direct contact with an unusual nature: the natural one.

Already below, our eyes can enjoy the 7 puddles, whose waters, with green (in the case of the puddle of the two mouths) and blue (when we refer to the puddle of the Auyamas), as well as the other called The puddle of the bride, whose transparencies in cascades make us travel for tiny moments until imaginary waterfalls, and those that for the farmers of the place come to life through the magic of the small screen of a television.

In the puddle of the swallows we feel that we are in the middle of a paradise.

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