Not to be missed attractions in the Southern region, DR

Doing a circuit through the south of the Dominican Republic is an adventure you will never forget. There are destinations of great cultural and historical value; paradisiacal beaches, ideal for those seeking peace and tranquility; villages where you will love to get lost; and trails through the most varied nature.

There is a lot to see in the south of Quisqueya la bella. And today, we’ll give you a guide to everything the provinces of San José de Ocoa, Peravia and San Cristóbal have to offer.

San José de Ocoa

This province nestled in the mountains, with little explored places, has developed and ventured into major tourism projects that leave many with the desire to return.
One of its main attractions is Terraza Gloria, a gastronomic nook that emerged in 2018 as a patio for events for local visitors and private activities, but which over time was transformed into a space for family rejoicing and open to the public.

As for lodging options, one of the alternatives when visiting San José de Ocoa is Arawakos Adventure. This ecotourism project located in Loma Tatón, is developed under an all-inclusive concept. A differentiating factor of this tourist proposal is that it offers guests the opportunity to choose between cabins or glamping. In addition, it will soon have cultural options and gastronomic offers in its excursions.

Another choice of inn is Coroar Villas, which in its beginnings emerged as a house for family relaxation, a space that later became a rental villa for local and international tourists. It has five rooms with capacity for 16 people, a cozy terrace and a heated swimming pool. In addition, as part of its amenities, this cozy place offers its visitors the first zip line in San José de Ocoa, with two platforms with a capacity to support 10 people and an extension of 984 meters.

Baní, Peravia

The municipality of Baní is one of the most preserved towns in the Dominican Republic, both for its cultural and historical value, as well as for its unique beauty. Undoubtedly, a place full of charms that you should not miss.

One of the must-see places in this town is the Félix Servio Ducoudray Natural Scientific Reserve, better known as Las Dunas de Baní; immense mountains of sand that have become an interesting tourist attraction, considered one of the most beautiful natural spaces in the Dominican Republic.

The tour of this desert is impressive and one of its greatest attractions, since it is located in front of a huge beach bathed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea, are its sunsets.

Another very peculiar attraction of Baní is the San Martín de Porres Sanctuary, a place for pilgrimage, built in stones by the believers of the community of Las Tablas. This sanctuary is the place of joy for hundreds of people, not only for tourism, but also to venerate the saint and ask for miracles. It is a charming place that reflects the love with which it was built.

This part of the south also has beautiful and paradisiacal beaches and one of the most coveted by tourists is Salinas beach, a beautiful coastline of grayish sand where you can swim in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. It is an exceptionally large and deserted beach, an ideal place for surfing.

San Cristóbal

San Cristóbal is one of those destinations near the city with greater tourist diversity, where you can enjoy both gastronomic tourism, monuments and historical heritage, beach and hiking. This town is the perfect place to disconnect and take a break.

The gastronomic offer of San Cristóbal is as wide and diversified as its attractions, and one of these culinary corners is Bella Vista Restaurant. This cozy restaurant, whose name honors the natural beauty that surrounds it, is considered the welcome center for the hundreds of national and international tourists that visit this locality.

Bella Vista Restaurant is designed and built with elements that evoke nature with the intention that visitors can rejoice in the benefits of the habitat, while enjoying a wide variety of seafood dishes.

As part of its amenities, the restaurant also has a camping area, ecological shower and children’s area. It also offers hiking services, boat tours to the pools of Muchas Aguas and Four Wheel rides.

Another attraction of this destination that captivates the most adventurous tourists and hiking enthusiasts are its waterfalls, among them: the Reyitos. This spectacular natural stream is located in Los Mineros. It has three small waterfalls, and is considered a true ecotourism treasure.

In the same order of popularity are La Taina and El Tabernáculo, whose magic and imposing beauty will leave you captivated and eager to explore it more than once.

In San Cristóbal you can also enjoy sun and beach tourism, as there you will find the beaches of Palenque and Najayo, two coasts of beautiful turquoise blue crystal clear waters, perfect for those seeking peace and tranquility for the scenic beauty that both offer.

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