Reopening of the Paseo de Doña Blanca in Puerto Plata

Roquelito García, mayor of Puerto Plata reopened the doors of the Paseo de Doña Blancas (Callejón Rosado), after several days of work for the rehabilitation and maintenance of the tourist attraction.

Paseo Doña Blanca 01Being one of the most visited in the destination, as every year it is intervened before the holiday of the main week, by the local government, with the intention of maintaining its attractiveness and beauty, before an arduous work that makes one of the professionals of the brush as is Alex Jimenez.

The mayor was accompanied by the Regional Director of Tourism Atahualpa Paulino, the director of Municipal Tourism, Leonaldo Medrano, the director of Transit Anibal Polanco and other civil and military authorities.


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