What will differentiate P.Bergantín from other destinations?

With 2.89 kilometers of beach, 4 thousand hotel rooms, 16 thousand 849 real estate properties and 83 Diferenciará a P.Bergantín de otros destinosthousand 250 jobs, the government intends to create an inclusive destination.

Punta Bergantín is being sold as an inclusive project that will combine sun, beach, cinema, technology and innovation, where the government wants to attract investments from specific hotel brands, “because we don’t want to put hotels just for the sake of putting them there”.

Among its main attractions is the film studio of the company One Race Films of the actor Vin Diesely, a “marine village” with which it intends to develop shopping and gastronomic tourism.

Located in the municipality of Villa Montellano, in Puerto Plata, the project, which has not yet been officially named, in addition to making the area a destination for urban tourism development, also intends to cover the entire Amber Coast in the future.

The Amber Coast goes from Montecristi, Puerto Plata, Espaillat and Maria Trinidad Sanchez. “It has never been seen as a single project, Punta Bergantin is the relaunching of that entire area,” says Deputy Minister of Tourism, Jaqueline Mora.

What makes Punta Bergantín different

The project, which has been presented to investors inside and outside the country (recently at the International Tourism Fair in Madrid), has elements that will differentiate it from other destinations, according to the vice minister.

According to the economist, what is being done with Punta Bergantín will mean that in 20 years, “the history of Dominican tourism will be written anew”.

She maintains that Punta Bergantín is different from the rest because it brings a value proposition of innovation and technology, which will not only be developed outside the country, but will stay inside.

The 9.6 million square meter site, acquired in 2021 by Grupo Reservas, is 17 minutes from the Gregorio Luperón Airport, 23 minutes from Puerto Plata, and will have better connectivity with the Santiago-Puerto Plata highway.

First Phase of Punta Bergantín

What are the distinctive elements of this project? It is a specific hotel development, where we are looking for hotel brands that are aligned with the segments we want to attract, “it is no longer just putting a hotel for the sake of putting a hotel”.

Mora, who gave details in the presentation of the project made in the framework of Fitur 2023, by the Banco del Reservas and the Ministry of Tourism, said that other differentiating elements are the real estate development that it will have, because in addition to creating a destination, a community will be created, where people can live seasonally or make it as a second home.

He explained that the project, which will generate 83,250 jobs, is divided into three phases, and the first, which covers 30% with 277 hectares, is open for two months to receive specific investments and start up in mid 2023.

“The project is at the master plan level fully designed. The first phase will begin with the hotel development, apartments, green areas, beach club, hospitals, stores and offices,” he said.

In addition to the marine village, an innovation district and the film studio, Punta Bergantín will have a residential and mixed-use area, 18 golf courses, hospital, stores, beach club, equestrian club, tennis club, villas, sports club and parks.

Source: Acento.com.do


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