450 children, adolescents and young people receive certificates for training actions given at the CTC

Some 450 children, adolescents and young people, residents of the Los Guaricanos sector, received their certificates after completing training in courses given by the Community Technology Centers (CTCs), which seek to reduce the digital divide in the most vulnerable communities throughout the country.

According to the director of the CTCs, Isidro Torres, there is no doubt that the training actions contribute in a constant way to reduce the digital gap and to deliver more young people to the labor market.

Torres, in this sense, also valued the effort of the adolescents and young people who went all the way to achieve their goal, as well as the dedication and commitment of the managers, coordinators and facilitators of the courses given.

Among the training courses given in Los Guaricanos were: Basic and Advanced Excel, office applications, Get Connect, free sales, ICT teaching tools, among others.

Torres recalled that so far the CTCs have delivered to society more than 300,000 young people, who have received the benefit of certifications, which is an important event for society.

“We cannot talk about closing the digital divide and helping young people to access the labor market, if they are not instructed, if they are not prepared, and these training actions, these courses, are focused on preparing them to be useful and able to develop in society,” Torres said.

The official said that this activity, aimed at closing the digital gaps in the community, is seen with great interest by President Luis Abinader, so he personally works tirelessly to ensure that training activities reach the most vulnerable communities.

According to the director of the CTCs, through these programs and training actions, young people and adolescents are provided with the tools that will give them the possibility to develop and strengthen the essential skills to perform well in the labor market.

For Torres, the fact that these children, adolescents and young people already have their certificates opens new paths of hope and opportunities for them, so that, “in short, it establishes the preamble of a bright future ahead because, being prepared, they have crossed other levels”.

The activity of the delivery of certificates and the teaching of the courses of formative actions belong to the curriculum linked to the actions sustained in its Annual Operating Program (POA), with which they must operate, several of which have already been given in places such as the UASD headquarters in Higüey, Santiago and Barahona.

At the certificate delivery ceremony held at the Los Guaricanos mulituso, several personalities were present, such as Congresswoman Betty Geronimo, along with representatives of academic and community institutions, among others.

Source: Presidencia.gob.do

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