Arajet and Boeing prepare first Dominican pilots

Arajet, in collaboration with the aircraft manufacturer Boeing, informed that they are in the final phase of academic preparation of the first two Dominican cadet pilots, who had the opportunity to obtain the knowledge and practices that will allow them to enter the aviation labor market as first officers.

The cadets are José Mauríz and Carlos Martínez, who are undergoing training with world standards, and will soon begin to perform their duties in the cockpits of Arajet aircraft, marking a new era of opportunities for young Dominicans who dream of becoming pilots.

Victor Pacheco Mendez, CEO & Founder of Arajet, expressed that through the project the airline seeks to strengthen its team of pilots with Dominican collaborators and Pilotos Dominicanos Arajetthus continue contributing to local talent and its development of skills and knowledge to boost the growth of the sector in the country.

“For Arajet to create a Dominican airline also means that there will be a transfer of knowledge for Dominican talent, and that we can train not only pilots, but all types of technicians in the aviation area that will allow us to consolidate as a flagship airline of national pride, full of local collaborators in all areas,” he said.

The applicants express

The aspiring first officers expressed their satisfaction for the support they have received through the program that will allow young people, with low flight hours, to increase their knowledge and prepare for commercial aviation.

“This is something historic in the aviation of the RD, we have been receiving tests, training in simulators, classes to increase our knowledge and prepare us. We have also received the support and collaboration of the entire team of Arajet pilots who have been at our disposal,” they explained.

The airline also informed that they will soon start the second call for applications for the program, which consists of competency interviews, simulator tests and technical knowledge evaluation to provide an educational opportunity with world-class standards.

Arajet explained that the platform is part of its commitment to contribute to the growth of the aviation sector in the RD and make the country the preferred hub in the Caribbean.


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