DiDi to launch motorcycle cab service in Santo Domingo

The digital mobility company DiDi will launch motorcycle cab services to complement the offer provided by the technology platform in the country.

Starting on May 3, users can make their requests for private service to travel by motorcycle and take advantage of promotions during the launch week in Santo Domingo, the first city where DiDi will enable this service in Latin America.

To access, users must download the “DiDi Pasajero” application, complete the registration and choose “DiDi Moto” from the available options. If they already have the application on their mobile device, the new product will be automatically reflected on the platform, without the need to complete additional steps.

In this way, DiDi Moto joins DiDi Express-which connects users with private car driver partners available in the Dominican Republic since November 2020-and DiDi Foods, a technological product that makes delíveri an accessible option for ordering food.

“The Dominican Republic is a very important country for DiDi. There are so many moments in the routine of Dominicans where we want to make life easier and create a positive impact. If a person in Santo Domingo needs to get to his or her destination quickly, taking advantage of the facilities offered by a motorcycle and in an economical way, he or she can select DiDi Moto. If you want to go with your family or a group of two or three people to a restaurant in the Colonial Zone, you can do it with Express. If you want to eat delicious food without having to travel, you have DiDi Foods,” explained Jorge Ordóñez, DiDi’s general director for Central America, the Caribbean, Colombia and Ecuador.

From May 3 through May 6, users will be able to request a trip on DiDi Moto and apply coupons for up to 100% of the value of the request, up to a maximum of RD$115 per trip, according to the terms and conditions available.

During the month of May, the company will have DiDi Days available, that is, days in which users will be able to save up to 50% on the value of the trip request through coupons redeemable through DiDi Moto.

“There is still a lot of good news we are preparing for the Dominican Republic. We continue to confirm, since we are available with DiDi Express, that Dominican Republic is the best gateway to the Caribbean. This country deserves the best and we are working with that in mind,” said Ordóñez.


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