INFOTEP certifies participants as installers of photovoltaic panels

The National Institute of Technical Professional Training (Infotep), trained 50 municipalities as installers of photovoltaic solar panels, as part of the first training held in coordination with the City Council and the companies UrbaSolar and Indusermant, in this community.

Iris Hurtado, director of the Eastern Regional Infotep, speaking on behalf of the general director, Rafael Santos Badía, explained that the installers and assemblers of photovoltaic solar panels, are trained to perform the commissioning and maintenance of these systems that harness the sun’s energy.

“In a world in constant progress and changes, moved by the rise of industry 4.0, we value the importance of training in this area, which emerges as a new alternative for responsible and environmentally friendly energy consumption,” said Hurtado.

The regional director of Infotep highlighted that more than 30% of the graduates are women, who already have the opportunity to work in a growing trade, which will allow them to work for the livelihood of their families.

While Mayor Francisco Rojas, highlighted the impact that the training produces in the graduates, in the installation of photovoltaic solar panels.

“We thank President Luis Abinader, the director of Infotep, Santos Badía and all those present, because with this project we are contributing to the development of my town, because renewable energy is a reality that the world is walking for and here in Guerra we have geographical conditions that facilitate its use; we are a territory with plains and plenty of sunshine,” said Rojas.

During the ceremony, the Municipality of San Antonio de Guerra presented a recognition to Infotep, for the important work of technical and professional education and training that it carries out in the country.


Alberto Javier, one of the 50 participants certified as installers of photovoltaic panels (solar panels), said he lived a fascinating experience, which was a challenge, since he was experiencing something new for his life; “then I had to put a lot of my part and this training allows me to work in this area and even start my entrepreneurship. The experience was very good; the teacher was excellent,” she said.

The participants were certified after completing 120 hours of training.

What are photovoltaic panels and what are they used for?

Solar panels are individual photovoltaic modules that capture the energy provided by the sun and convert it into electricity.


Also present at the certificate presentation ceremony were the deputy director of the Eastern Regional Infotep, Fernelys Beriguete; the head of the department of Vocational Training of the same regional, Rosimares Sanchez, as well as advisors Mesire Rodriguez and Gabriel Santana.


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