MESCYT to develop scholarship and academic exchange programs to support Dominicans in NY

The Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCYT), Dr. Franklin García Fermín met with different sectors of New York City, with the goal of strengthening the academic, scientific and cultural knowledge of the Dominican community residing in that metropolis.

During the meetings, García Fermín informed that he will sign agreements with educational institutions with a view to promoting student and teacher exchanges, as well as scholarships to facilitate research projects and internships in the Dominican Republic.

The head of MESCYT indicated that President Luis Abinader, during his trip to New York City, pledged to support the Dominican Diaspora in its aspirations to improve in the field of education, for which the institution he heads will make available various training programs.

In the same vein, he met with businessmen, social workers, community members, representatives of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and academic personalities of Dominican origin, where he listened to their requests, concerns and opinions.

“This is a very industrious community, which has always supported the country, and therefore requires attention, as President Luis Abiander would have pointed out,” García Fermín emphasized.

As part of the approaches with educational entities, the official participated in a meeting with the director of the Dominican Studies Institute of CUNY, Dr. Ramona Hernández, addressing studies related to the integration of the diaspora in the historical and cultural identity of the Dominican Republic.

“We will have a very fluid and intense exchange with this institution,” said the Minister of MESCYT at the conclusion of the meeting.

Likewise, the director of the Institute of Dominican Studies described several research projects carried out by this academy, including the history of Juan Rodriguez, the first Dominican to arrive in 1613 to what is known today as New York, as well as the translation into English of the Dominican works: Social Composition of Juan Bosch and Blacks, Mulattos and the Dominican Nation, by historian Franklin J.


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