Minister Ito Bisonó highlights government’s efforts to develop Nagua

The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes, Víctor (Ito) Bisonó, highlighted the efforts of the government of President Luis Abinader to develop the municipality of Nagua with important investments such as the new boardwalk with a pier and a marina that will promote the creation of new businesses and boost the economy by generating more jobs.

While leading the eighth swearing in of the Board of Directors of the María Trinidad Sánchez Chamber of Commerce and Production, the minister said that the government is making the right decisions for the benefit of all Dominicans and expressed his gratitude for having committed citizens, visionaries and successful entrepreneurs at the service of the development of Nagua, its citizens and the entire Dominican Republic.

In this work agenda Bisonó was accompanied by the governor of the province María Trinidad Sánchez, Gregoria Correa, the mayor of Nagua, Junior Peralta, and the deputies for this demarcation Jorge Cavoli, Napoleón Rodríguez. Regarding the economic situation, the minister said that, in spite of this recovery, there are still enormous challenges ahead. “Global and regional inflation is an issue that we are constantly monitoring, as well as oil prices which are on the rise due to the economic moment the world is going through, and whose impact is more severe in non-producing countries such as ours”.

There are reasons for optimism
The Minister of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes told the traders and producers that, on behalf of President Luis Abinader, he has always tried to work hand in hand with the people to promote the development of the economic pillars of the province, such as agriculture, particularly rice, and the service sector, among others.

Bisonó wished the greatest success to the new board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce and Production María Trinidad Sánchez, to whom he reiterated that the doors of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Mipymes are always open and that they have in us an ally to work together for the development of this province and its people.


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