Mitur: “Diversification of supply has contributed to the country’s tourism success”

Jacqueline Mora, technical vice-minister and Tammy Reynoso, vice-minister of promotion and development, of the Ministry of Tourism (Mitur), highlighted the DR’s role as a leading country in tourism and how it has managed to maintain that position.

“The tourism sector has been a priority for the government and work has been done to position the DR as a diversified destination,” said Mora.

He further explained that the DR has a wide diversification in its tourism offer, indicating that apart from beach tourism, there are also options such as golf tourism and cruise tourism.

“The diversification of the destination has contributed to the success of the tourism sector,” he said.

Mora also explained that tourists are differentiated between visitors who stay at least one night (tourists) and those who do not stay overnight (excursionists) according to El Caribe.

“It is important to consider all forms of tourism activity when measuring the total number of visitors,” he said, while detailing that in the DR, both the number of tourists and the total number of visitors, including excursionists, are measured.

Regarding the importance of reaching 10 million visitors, both officials stressed that it is an important metric at the international level, which is why they highlighted the importance for the country to reach this goal by diversifying tourism.

“Other countries have celebrated similar milestones in terms of productivity in the tourism sector,” they said.

It was emphasized that by reaching 10 million visitors, the DR will be positioned differently in the tourism market since the achievement of this goal demonstrates the productivity and growth of the tourism sector in the country.

On his side, Reynoso added that at the beginning of the present administration, work began on a series of actions to give life to the Colonial Zone.

“Apart from the remodeling, work has been done on TurisZoneando, which is a program of activities that is gestated during different periods in which the opening of the museums free of charge and the opening of the churches are activated,” he said.

He added that “the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) project for the Colonial Zone is in its second stage and includes remodeling of streets and infrastructure, as well as rescue and restoration of monuments”.


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