2 000 955 tourists visited the Dominican Republic during first half of the year

They spent 3.7% more money

In the first six months of 2011, 2,000,955 tourists visited the country and spent an estimated US $111 daily during their stay averaging nine nights, says the Central Bank’s latest report on the tourism sector.

The reports states that the tourists spent a total of nearly US $2.9 billion in that period, which according to official figures, led to a 3.7% jump in the daily spending by each tourist, and compared with last year’s average of US $107.

In addition to that income in 2010 were the RD $4.9 billion in revenue from the air and land exit tax, airport fee, and tourist card, while in the first quarter this year visits by foreign tourists climbed 4.31% compared with the same year ago period.

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