Dominican Republic pays tribute to Sonia Pierre

Authorities lamented Monday the death of the activist

Carlos Morales Troncoso, Dominican Chancellor lamented Monday the death Sunday of the Haitian Dominican activist Sonia Pierre, recognizing her role in the struggle for the integration of Haitian descendants despite differences with the government.

Carlos Morales Troncoso paid tribute to the Human Rights activist Sonia Pierre recognizing the positions and principles the famous activist defended all her life.

I share the grief of his family, especially her children to whom I send a message of solidarity in this painful time, said the chancellor who was speaking to the press in New York.

Speaking on behalf of the Fernández administration, Mr. Troncoso told that despite his differences with the activist of international renown, he acknowledges that Sonia Pierre constantly defended the positions and principles to which she believed.

The best tribute I can make it to her memory is by renewing our faith in dialogue and direct contact as the way to discuss and reach consensus in a democratic country like the Dominican Republic concluded the conservative chancellor.

Sonia Pierre, 48, died of a heart attack Sunday. She defended during a long time the struggle for the emancipation of hundreds of thousands of Dominicans of Haitian descent condemned to vegetate in the depths of Dominican society.

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