Black Friday: also in Dominican Republic

Discounts can reach as much as 75%,

Although mainly a US commercial event, many Dominican stores have caught Black Friday fever and are advertising big sales for Friday. They include the Acropolis Mall, Galeria 360 (Americana Departamentos), Plaza Lama, Corripio, Curacao and Office Depot, which are promising some of their best sales of the year.

Taking advantage of the growing commercial and cultural ties between the United States and this country, today some of the stores in the local commerce have imitated the date and concept of Black Friday in order to offer discounts in their merchandise and increase their sales.

Black Friday in the United States is held on the Friday after Thanksgiving. This is the official start of the Christmas sales and the discounts that can be found can reach as much as 90% of the regular price.

In the Dominican Republic this year will be the second occasion that this event is held, according to Antonio Ramos, the president of the National Organization of Commercial Enterprises (ONEC).

The discounts in the country, according to a look at the offers, can reach as much as 75%, especially in the commercial plazas and malls. In the meantime, in the technology and appliance stores the offers are over 30% and in the clothing stores there is 50% off.

Compared to the opening hours, in the United States some stores begin operations at 4:00 a.m., but the Dominican

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