Canada – Dominican Republic relations are the most balanced

According to Canadian Ambassador

Canada’s new Ambassador on Monday called his country’s bilateral relations with Dominican Republic the most balanced, as evidenced by the US$128.0 million in local exports to Canada in 2011, and matched by its imports to the Caribbean nation.

Georges Boissé also noted that Canada is Dominican Republic’s main source of tourists and its second largest foreign investor. In his lecture at Iberoamericana University (UNIBE), the Canadian Ambassador affirmed that his country’s banking system is the world’s healthiest and most reliable.

The diplomat’s statement came during the conference Doing Business with Canada, cohosted by the Round Table of Commonwealth Countries and Iberoamericana University.

The event sought to provide opportunities between the countries grouped in the Commonwealth and the Dominican Republic, in cultural, trade, economic, political and educational areas. The conference was sponsored by the Canadian Dominican Chamber, whose President, Eduardo Dominguez Imbert, suggested that Dominican Republic negotiate a limited scope free trade pact with Canada.

Present in the conference were UNIBE president Julio Cesar Castaños, International director Loraine Amell and other university academicians; Roundtable president Fernando Gonzalez Nicolas, its Secretary Fernando Rainieri and Jabar Singh, of India Chamber of Commerce.

The Commonwealth is a voluntary organization of 54 countries spread over six continents, with nations as large as Australia, India, South Africa and Canada, to small ones such as Trinidad, Barbados, Singapore, Mauritius, Jamaica, among others.

The Round Table of Commonwealth Countries in Dominican Republic is an initiative to promote bilateral relations between Dominican Republic and the Commonwealth’s 54 countries.

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